The true home of the human being is not a house, it is the road.

Life itself is a journey to be made on foot (Bruce Chatwin)

Without you, we cannot walk


” We want to make people with special needs feel great emotions.”

This crowdfunding will support the project started by Pietro Scidurlo, a paraplegic boy medically misevaluated at birth. He lives doing what he has always been denied: walking.

Free Wheels ODV, a non-profit association created by Pietro, provides the necessary tools to help EVERYONE experience slow travel and achieve social independence.

The journey

We are Fede and Nico, two walkers in love with slow travel who want to help others by walking. We will walk for 5 months, 4 countries, 3200 km along the Via Francigena, from Canterbury to Santa Maria di Leuca on a vegan lifestyle. We aim to raise funds to buy two e-bikes, 6000 euros total cost, which will be used by Free Wheels volunteers to study andanalyze the territory, making it accessible for everyone.


  1. Promotion and enhancement of the Via Francigena
  2. Enhancement and promotion of slow, responsible and inclusive tourism
  3. Crowdfunding dedicated to Free Wheels ODV to create accessible routes


I’m Nico. I love traveling on foot because it brings me closer to people, nature and my true self. It’s also the most fun and ecological way to get around. I’m passionate about discovering new places and cultures and I’m very excited about our new adventure!

I’m Fede, a mountain and nature lover, passionate about hiking and slow travel. My lifestyle is “live light and travel light”. I am a supporter of an accessible and inclusive world, where there are no barriers or limits. I would like everyone to be able to walk a trail and try this amazing experience.